... heavy ductwork - QL

The ADS heavy gauge quick-lock (QL) duct system is manufactured from DOMEX 240 steel in steel gauges 14 to 11. The duct system can be supplied powder coated, hot dip galvanized or alternatively in AISI 304L/316L. The duct system is available in diameters 3-40 inches. The QL duct system is suitable for assembly with ATEX designed components and is pressure tested for over pressure up to 130 psi.

Modular duct systems from ADS include:

  • Straight pipes from 4"
  • Telescopic pipes from 4-16"
  • Stamped elbows from 4-16"
  • Welded elbows
  • Branches
  • Tapers and transitions
  • Spigots and hoods
  • Clip bands
  • Assembly rings