... light ductwork - QL

The ADS light gauge quick-lock (QL) duct system is manufactured from hot dip galvanized steel according to ASTM A1046M-Grade 90 in steel gauges 22 to 18, alternatively in stainless steel AISI 304L in gauges 23 to 20. The duct system is available in diameters 3-40 inches. The QL duct system is pressure tested for over pressure up to 43 psi and is suitable for use in explosive environments.

Modular duct systems from ADS include:

  • Straight pipes from 3"
  • Telescopic pipes from 3"
  • Stamped elbows from 3-16"
  • Gored elbows
  • Branches
  • Tapers and transitions
  • Spigots and hoods
  • Floor sweeps
  • Rain and jet caps
  • Duct silencers
  • Clip bands
  • Assembly rings